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Our Patient Participation Group

If you are interested in sharing your views with others about the services that Lonsdale Medical Centre offers please could you visit  http://www.myppg.co.uk and register with myPPG.


Please click here to view the PPG Constitution as passed on 14th June 2012.

Our Committee

Lonsdale Medical Centre formed the Patient Participation Group (PPG) in 2010 and is an independent body which acts as an interface between the patients and the Practice.

The committee consists of a group of current patients and the patient services manager.

The aim of the PPG is:

To feed back to appropriate bodies within the NHS and local authorities patients’ experiences of the health related services they have received and of their reaction to proposed changes within those services.

The PPG aims to represent different ranges of patient groups and new members are always welcome. Confidentiality prevents the group's involvement with issues that relate to specific patients. These are best discussed with your GP.

All patients of the practice are automatically members of the group. The committee will communicate with our patients via the dedicated notice board in the surgery, the practice website and plans a newsletter in due course.

It would be useful to have a list of email addresses to communicate with patients which would only be used for PPG purposes. Please give the surgery your address to the surgery which will be added to our current database.

Please contact the Patient Participation Group via the Practice if you have any comments or issues which you think they should consider.


“I can plan my care with people who work together to understand me and my carer(s), allow me control, and bring together services to achieve the outcomes important to me” National Voices

NHS West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group (WKCCG) is committed to improving health and social care for people who live in west Kent. We want to ensure that all services work together to provide health and social care in a seamless way and that patients feel they have control of the care planned for them.

We are really keen to find out what patients – and their carers – think about the services they receive now, whether they think these services are ‘joined up’ and whether they feel actively involved in decisions about their care.

Do you currently receive health or social care services either at home or locally? Do you care for someone who receives services?

We’d really like to hear from you, as your experience counts!

You can get involved in one of the following ways:

1. West Kent CCG Health Network.  Join Now! Make a Difference!

or 2. You can share your experiences face to face, either over the telephone or we can meet you

or 3. You can join a group to share your experiences with others

If you would like to be involved in one of these please let us know at: rebecca.mcclymont@nhs.net

We look forward to hearing from you.

WKCC will not share your personal information and this will remain confidential. No health professionals will receive any information that identifies you personally.

To view survey results please see our tab 'PPG Survey Results'

PPG Minutes of Meetings

2013 May 23rd Minutes.pdf2013 May 23rd Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)159.8 KB
2013 August 8th Minutes.pdf2013 August 8th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)190.94 KB
2015 May 13th Minutes.pdf2015 May 13th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)191.45 KB
2012 May 17th Minutes.pdf2012 May 17th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)341.06 KB
2013 February 28th Minutes.pdf2013 February 28th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)173.56 KB
2013 December 11th Minutes.pdf2013 December 11th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)74.89 KB
2015 March 4th Minutes.pdf2015 March 4th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)209.46 KB
2012 November 14th Minutes.pdf2012 November 14th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)164.61 KB
2014 June 5th Minutes.pdf2014 June 5th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)306.68 KB
2012 September 13th Minutes.pdf2012 September 13th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)223.96 KB
2015 Sep 9th Minutes.pdf2015 Sep 9th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)194.87 KB
2016 January 11th Minutes.pdf2016 January 11th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)195.3 KB
2016 January 11th Minutes2016 January 11th Minutes(posted on 26/08/2016)195.3 KB
2014 March 13th Minutes Minding Mental Health.pdf2014 March 13th Minutes Minding Mental Health.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)153.83 KB
2014 October 15th Minutes.pdf2014 October 15th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)184.69 KB
2016 April 26th Minutes.pdf2016 April 26th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)196.52 KB
2012 June 5th Minutes.pdf2012 June 5th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)306.68 KB
2012 February 27th Minutes.pdf2012 February 27th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)312.4 KB
2010 November 12th Minutes.pdf2010 November 12th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)81.86 KB
2012 June 14th Minutes.pdf2012 June 14th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)326.32 KB
2011 March 4th Minutes.pdf2011 March 4th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)75.7 KB
2011 September 21st Minutes.pdf2011 September 21st Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)135.2 KB
2011 January 21st Minutes.pdf2011 January 21st Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)94.88 KB
2011 May 26th Minutes.pdf2011 May 26th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)138.38 KB
2010 August 27th Minutes.pdf2010 August 27th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)86.32 KB
2012 April 5th Minutes.pdf2012 April 5th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)329.74 KB
2011 April 20th Minutes.pdf2011 April 20th Minutes.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)81.6 KB

PPG Newsletters

December 2018 Newsletter.pdfDecember 2018 Newsletter.pdf(posted on 14/12/2018)501.92 KB
June 2018 Newsletter v2.pdfJune 2018 Newsletter v2.pdf(posted on 05/07/2018)337.89 KB
December 2017 Newsletter.pdfDecember 2017 Newsletter.pdf(posted on 11/01/2018)597.12 KB
June 2017 Newsletter.pdfJune 2017 Newsletter.pdf(posted on 19/06/2017)435.7 KB
December 2016 Newsletter.pdfDecember 2016 Newsletter.pdf(posted on 05/12/2016)769.53 KB
PPG Newsletter 2014.12.pdfPPG Newsletter 2014.12.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)292.71 KB
June 2016 Newsletter.pdfJune 2016 Newsletter.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)369.55 KB
PPG Newsletter 2013.05.pdfPPG Newsletter 2013.05.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)326.51 KB
PPG Newsletter 2013.08.pdfPPG Newsletter 2013.08.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)304.63 KB
PPG Newsletter 2014.03.pdfPPG Newsletter 2014.03.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)315.9 KB
PPG Newsletter 2014.09.pdfPPG Newsletter 2014.09.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)297.03 KB
PPG Newsletter 2015.10.pdfPPG Newsletter 2015.10.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)418.52 KB
PPG Newsletter 2014.02.pdfPPG Newsletter 2014.02.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)312.8 KB
PPG Newsletter 2015.03.pdfPPG Newsletter 2015.03.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)367.47 KB
February 2016 Newsletter.pdfFebruary 2016 Newsletter.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)351.14 KB

PPG Survey Results

Technology Survey Results December 2016.pdfTechnology Survey Results December 2016.pdf(posted on 04/05/2017)500.27 KB
Survey Results December 2015.pdfSurvey Results December 2015.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)496.76 KB
Survey Results December 2011.pdfSurvey Results December 2011.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)153.39 KB
Survey Results December 2012.pdfSurvey Results December 2012.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)138 KB
Survey Results December 2013.pdfSurvey Results December 2013.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)337.15 KB

PPG End of Year Reports

2014-15 End of Year Report.pdf2014-15 End of Year Report.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)183.86 KB
2012-13 End of Year Report.pdf2012-13 End of Year Report.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)91.5 KB
2013-14 End of Year Report.pdf2013-14 End of Year Report.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)432.17 KB
2011-12 End of Year Report.pdf2011-12 End of Year Report.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)155.5 KB
PPG Treasurers Report 2013-2014.pdfPPG Treasurers Report 2013-2014.pdf(posted on 26/08/2016)220.9 KB

Fund Raising

During the flu clinic we raised £350 to go towards buying a new treatment room couch. The practice has matched this amount and we have purchased a new couch for £599. We will continue to raise money for equipment (a Doppler machine - used to detect clots in veins) so all donations are welcome. If you would like to help us, please leave your donation however small with reception. If you prefer to send or leave a cheque, please make it payable to: Lonsdale Medical Centre equipment fund. All donations cash or cheques will automatically be credited to the equipment fund.